21 May 2009

Two Great Tastes That I Never Thought of Together, But Hey, Rock On

As summer looms, I'm basically thinking about two things: biking on Governors Island and going to a Cyclones game. Because basically my plans for this summer are to rehash everything from last summer, trying to recapture those perfect moments. Not sure how to recreate Playing the Building, but I may just hang around the disused ferry terminal and knock some pipes with a wrench.

I rented a bike from Tread Bike Shop last Saturday for my long-planned and long-foiled-by-weather bike commute test, riding from Inwood to my office to see if it's doable, if it's worth promoting getting a bike beyond the company of dreams like learning accordion to do a punk cover of "Flinty Kind of Woman," and into the realm of actual actionable ideas. And since last summer's Governors Island trip was my first time on a bike in about ten years, I needed to see how I'd do on something more intense than a beach cruiser, on something more intense than lazy circuits of a nearly-carless island.

And basically, I am the fucking Bike Champion of New York City. I rode from Inwood, past my office, down to Union Square, AND THEN BACK. For someone so out of practice, I think that's pretty kickass. 22 miles! 18 of which would never have been possible without the amazing generosity of the good samaritan who fixed my front tire when it completely blew out. As soon as I get a bike I am getting a patch kit and learning how to use it.

The ride was gorgeous - the entire N/S length from Inwood to 14th Street is along the Hudson, through parks I never knew existed - and aside from some asshole hills under the GWB, it's almost perfectly flat. I've totally caught the bicycling bug, and can't wait to get back on. (Once my underbunnies, as they say, have recovered. I will also be buying a cushiony seat.) Sexiest badge of bicycler honor? The forearms-only sunburn. Rawr.

I have a friend who's offered to long-term lend me a bike while I save up for my own. Anyone want to do the same with an accordion?

But so now that bicycling has been brought into real life from the rarefied summer oasis of Governors Island, what does the ole GI have to offer? Well, apparently a free performance by my favorite modern dance company in the world!

I know, I didn't see that one coming, either.

As part of the River to River festival, ZviDance will be performing a piece called White at Fort Jay.

LMCC’s Sitelines dance and performance series launches the summer and the annual opening weekend of Governors Island with ZviDance’s White. Zvi Gotheiner collaborates with six dancers and the renowned composer Scott Killian, using Fort Jay’s historical significance and eerie sense of abandonment to reflect on our attempts to feel secure by arming our borders. The dancers wrap areas of the site with long white gauze strips reminiscent of bandages, slowly creating a web-like sculpture intertwining throughout the space.
Well that sounds weird and pretty cool. (Fort Jay is a totally weird space, btw. Abandoned, but at least parts of it look new enough - 1970s or something - to completely lack and nostalgic loveliness.) Basically, I love what ZviDance does, and Governors Island is the most beautiful place in/just off the coast of the city, and I am very excited. And maybe when I go I will bring my own (borrowed) bike. I'll miss the sweet beach cruisers, but a girl's gotta grow up eventually.


anna said...

deciding what it means that i just bought a beach cruiser.

Jaime said...

It means you have a sweet, sweet bike. If my apartment weren't separated from the rest of the city by some stupid-ass hills, I would totally do the same.