03 June 2009

Awesome Thing #1001

I may or may not be late to the game on this one, but via my friend Elliot's twitter feed, I find this. A sampling:

The list goes on, not that I'm working my way through it this morning or anything, and manages to be sincere and positive without being at all sappy. It's like magic. Maybe it's because it doesn't take itself too seriously. Maybe because there's a good dose of silliness, which I always go for. And maybe it's because so many items on the growing list (or countdown, to be precise) are so freaking true. Taking off your shoes during a long car ride is awesome. Remembering what movie that guy is from feels amazing. Maybe this is what happens when a funny writer of the snark generation gets happy. Basically, it's like, The world is an awesome place. Fuck yeah.

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