18 June 2009

Port Authority: Now Just 99.2% As Vile As Before (Greenmarket Report)

No big surprise – when I heard about the new greenmarket (It feels wrong to call an indoor market, especially in that godforsaken place, a greenmarket – let’s stick with farmers market, despite its ambiguous apostrophe situation) okay, the new farmers (/farmer’s/farmers’) market opening today in Port Authority, I was excited. What is one of my favorite things in the world? The farmers market. What did I just write a love letter to for my first piece of professional volunteer freelance writing? The farmers market. What hideous monstrosity of bad associations and general unpleasantness do I work a block away from? Port Authority. Best of both worlds!

Also, this Saturday will be the second Saturday in a row that I can’t get to Union Square for my vegetables, so it was good timing.

Unfortunately, the just-two-tables-so-far do not yet make an awesome greenmarket. Or farmers market. One table’s mostly baked goods and strawberries (and apples that are really starting to show their age), and the other, very prettily arranged table sells mad overpriced vegetables. $3 for a pound of zucchini? $3 per quarter pound of kale? I don’t think so.

Also, there are klieg lights glaring on the set-up, which are maybe an improvement over the general lighting of the terminal, but really now.

I was hoping that the presence of a farmers market could make me hate Port Authority with slightly less burning a passion. (The place’s own awful ambiance is augmented by my associations of impending and just-completed epic bus journeys through the wilds of northern New Jersey and back and forth to Providence. Also, its own awful ambiance.) If the market ever expands beyond an overpriced but pretty mise-en-scène, it might become a helpful emergency vegetable source, definitely more in line with my usual vegetable ethics than Stiles on 9th Ave – super cheap but hardly local, there. But yeah, Port Authority still makes me want to stick a knife in my eye.

I did get interviewed by a very nice lady from WFUV, though. So I guess listen for that?

Prices I remember:
zucchini - $3/lb
kale - $3/lb
nappa cabbage - either $3/head or /lb
broccoli - $3/small bunch
strawberries - $3/pint (much more in line with normal greenmarket prices)
cider donuts - $0.75 each (seems to be the standard price, not that I'm intimately familiar with greenmarket donut pricing)

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