27 June 2009

Read This Book! (If You Haven't Already): In Defense of Food

I don't know what I can say about In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan's follow-up to The Omnivore's Dilemma. It's an important, important book. It's a fun, fast, read. It's interesting and enjoyable. It will teach you information and give you new ways to think and see the world. I hope that it changed the way I eat and think about food. Everyone should read it. Even if you don't think you're interested. Even if you're all, Waah, I don't want to feel guilty about how I eat. The very idea that you could feel guilty about how you eat is a problem, no? Both that you're afraid some book will reveal the (not-so-)secret evil in your diet, and also that food is a fucking nexus of guilt. But also of misinformation and backwards thinking, which is the point of this book.

I guess that that's what I can say about In Defense of Food, at least for starters. I happen to be an extra special nerd for this sort of thing, but it's really a book that every single person in America ought to read. At least.

I guess I can also say that, having listened to The Omnivore's Dilemma as an audio book, there were a few times during In Defense of Food (reading on old-fashioned paper), that Pollan's writing voice was strong enough to make me hear the book, in my head, in the voice of the actor who read the audio book. Which I listened to almost a year ago. I thought that was kinda fun.

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