30 August 2009

Africa Dispatch VII: Nothing if not resourceful

A few years ago, one of my best friends left theatre to go save the world. She'd been working in fundraising, and, coupled with some general job dissatisfaction, she figured, "If I'm gonna be raising money, I might as well be saving babies." And so now that's what she does, more or less. She works for an amazing charity that does work all over the world. This friend, whom we'll call Sydney Bristow (and her husband will be Vaughn, but no, she doesn't work for the CIA) so I don't get her fired or anything, works in the organization's NYC office, but is currently in Africa, having gotten the chance to spend a few weeks there visiting some of the org's sites. She's been sending email updates to family and a few friends, and I asked if I could share them with the internet. Maybe it's the malaria, but she agreed.

[All names in this post have been changed to other characters' from "Alias," too.]


saturday night, one of the expats realized that we had trivial pursuit in the house and got really excited to organize a game. Lauren (who is american) and i, Nadia who is from France, and two Canadian expats that Lauren is friends with from another NGO got ready to play. we realized that there were no pieces. not a problem, we are resourceful. i drew pies on paper and would use highlighters to fill the pieces. then we realized, no dice. again! no problem. i wrote numbers on paper that we pulled out of a hat. and started playing only to realize that the questions -- the 1984 genius addition -- were in french. between Lauren and my broken French, Nadia's English (about as good as my French) and the Canadians' sheer willpower we played one of the slowest but funniest games of trivial pursuit in history.
i'm smelly but good. working harder here than in the other projects. and getting really ready to be home.
love to everyone. i'll try to email again tomorrow. if not, definitely wednesday.

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