09 August 2009

Also, Stop Telling Us It's One of the Best-Loved Books of All Time. We Know.

I still maintain that this looks like hipster nostalgia porn (and yes, I coined that term), and that's at the very least problematic, but I for serious laughed out loud, hard, at one point, and hit about a three on a scale of 1-to-dusty at another. Sigh. I feel very conflicted. Please, movie trailers, stop with the twee hand-written little card things. They make me hate you. And they always seem to come with Dave Eggers. Stop that. Keep with the laugh-out-loud bits and the impending dustiness.

(via Ms. Heather)


heather said...


isaac butler said...

This is what I do not understand about these movies, and I'm really really hoping WTWTA gets right...

what, exactly is going to serve as the 100 minutes of plot for this movie? It's not like there's a huge amount of external conflict in the book. Max goes to bed without supper, goes to the land of the Wild Things, parties, gets homesick, goes home.

Even if you fleshed out that arc... it's really barely an arc. But if you add in like, the Land of the Wild Things is threatened by the Conservotrons! or whatever, it'll just ring false.

Maybe they'll make an "In The Night Kitchen" movie, complete with nudity.

Anyway, I'm interested to see how they solve it. WTWTA was the first book I read to myself.

99 said...

It seems like they're adding a whole "broken home" aspect to it, making it extra-poignant for the Gen Xer/latchkey kids. I'm hoping they don't go overboard on that. It's a little easy.