03 August 2009

Another Thing to Look Forward To, or: I Have a Crush on This Tumblr

Katie Schorr is like your funny & handsome friend's pretty girlfriend, whom once you get to know you realize is funnier than your friend, and has a great tumblr, too.

I mean, she's like that. Hypothetically. She's not actually that, because that would be mean of me to say about her boyfriend, Lance, who was my first theatre friend in college.

Lance is awesomely funny, too. Katie's just maybe a better tumblrer.

And she has a show coming up! About which I am very excited. I love the glamorshot image for it, too:

katie schorr is coming to be funny and make out with you, the picture seemed to say.
or that fan is just blowing all her hair in her face.

So that's another thing.

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