07 August 2009

Derek Erdman's Life of Crime

I'm sure you're all still mourning the death of Rap Master Maurice, the revenge rapper who flew a little too close to the sun, whose revenge was just too glorious and pointed for this world. I know I am. I waited and waited for someone to wrong me in just the right way, so I could PayPal my seven bucks to RM Maurice for beautiful rhymed vengeance, but this is what happens - we wait and wait, and life passes us by. It is fleeting, and delicate and, for one Rap Master Maurice, now it is gone.

To ease a bit of the pain, I offer this offering from RM Maurice's, um, close friend,* Derek Erdman. I first encountered him the same place as RM Maurice, on TBTL. I've heard him tell part of this story, and though it adds something to have his voice in my ear, I'm sure the post-its carry plenty of the magic on their own. Derek Erdman was a really bad kid.

*that's euphemistic for alter-ego, or inverse-alter-ego, rather than like, gay lover.

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