06 August 2009

For Starters: Me, via GChat, to James, Who Is Not Even There

me: in case you are wondering, the strong bad band name we always forget is BIG NIFE.
and yes, i am researching cat names.
sorry, BIGG NIFE
and there is also TARANCHULA
Sent at 1:31 PM on Thursday
James is idle.

Meanwhile, on twitter...

waitwait Any interested NYers. Wait Wait wil be at Carnegie Hall 10/22. WNYC is offering tix before they go on sale. Call: 1-888-376-9692.

jaimealyse @waitwait That is a pledge number, you trickster! (How much do I pledge for tickets?)

[Turned out to be $300. Ha. No.]

So, yes, exciting times here at headquarters. Welcoming a new cat to my home next week, and building up a solid store of Things to Look Forward to This Fall. After this past Tuesday's (amazing, brilliant, life-affirming) Los Campesinos! concert* and this coming Sunday's Cyclones game, Summer 2009's advance-planned seasonal activities are pretty much over. But there's still:

some time in September - NY Hall of Science/Lemon Ice King of Corona field trip
September 5 - friends & I hunkering down in James' apartment for the entirety of the Pride & Prejudice miniseries, which I have never seen
October 3 - Susan Werner in Madison Square Park
October 5 - A.S. Byatt at the 92nd Street Y
October 16 - Punch Brothers at Carnegie Hall
October 22 - Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me at Carnegie Hall
November 5 - Mike Birbiglia at Town Hall

I'm also re-attacking the free kayaking hours at the Inwood Canoe Club this Sunday, before heading out to Coney Island. Gotta earn those Dippin' Dots! James and Kate and I (I don't know, do I have other friends?) went a few weeks ago, and it was awesome, but it was, despite my avowed love of weightlifting, hard. And harder for me than my friends. Waah. But it's good, because I left my boat not just carrying god-knows-what I caught from the Hudson water, but also determined to use the remaining summer weekends to CONQUER THE HUDSON. And then I went to Chicago, and then last weekend it rained, but come Sunday I'm going back. They're apparently the only free canoeing in NYC that doesn't keep you inside a little pen. Just straight up the Hudson, there you go. The view is gorgeous, and, dude, you're kayaking on the open water of the Hudson. It doesn't hurt that it's free, five minutes from my apartment, and makes me feel like I can skip the gym.

*Scroll down.


heather said...

I see Jaime!
You should name your new cat after me. Even if it's a boy. No, wait. ESPECIALLY if it's a boy.

Anonymous said...

didn't james go with you to this concert? did he... duck? does he... actually exist?

Jaime said...

Anon, how do you know James isn't in the picture with me? Perhaps the glassesed dude with the blue ear plugs?

You give yourself away too easily - if you know that James isn't one of the guys in that picture, rocking out with me and Neil Campesinos!, then you obviously know he exists. And you should probably also know that while I was dancing my way forwards, drawn inexorably toward the stage by the Welsh twee punk, he was coolly hanging back, earplugs protecting his professional music industry ears.

anna said...

i have seen that miniseries. or, more accurately, i wandered in and out while james watched that miniseries. looked good!