08 August 2009

It's Okay That I'm Home Blogging at 10:30 on a Saturday Night - I'm Getting Up Early for Kayaking Tomorrow. Except for the Thunderstorms. Fuck. Anyway

Those of you following along on twitter (and why aren't you?) or facebook (oh god, I just friended my mom) are well aware of the computer saga that's plagued me the last month or so. My computer died, was resurrected by our office's brilliant, generous, adorably-accented Canadian IT Guy, and then was stone cold raptured last weekend. Gone for good. But I'm still here, waiting for Armageddon, and with a blessed week-and-a-half off from work that was starting to look damn menacing, with a lack of podcasts and email. And blogging! I've been actually blogging this week, and that was going to be cut short! The horror!

So it's really for you, dear readers, that I bought my friend's boyfriend's used Compaq laptop. (And if you each gave my $5, I could afford to pay for it!) This is a beautiful machine, and not just compared to its predecessor. Although it really is exciting to have a J key again. JJJJJJJJJ. The keyboard is just the right amount of clicky, and I can put it on my lap without risking third-degree burns or a hardware meltdown. (That's what she said.) It runs Vista, which I've heard not-great things about, but let's look again at the first two words of that sentence: It runs. Big improvement.

And as this is a friend-to-friend computer transfer, I also inherit, along with a working J key and non-exploding stuff, an iTunes library. And it is wonderful. And hilarious. A sampling:

Amy Winehouse
Bjork (a LOT of Bjork)
Dolly Parton
Imogen Heap
six Harry Potter audiobooks
"Friends Forever" and four other songs from Saved By the Bell (wtf?)

So yes, my friend's boyfriend is, aside from apparently still waiting to find out if Harry bests Voldemort, a homosexual. AND, so yes, that also means that, even better than the fact that I now have more than one Feist song, it means MUSICAL THEATRE. Victor Garber, singing on my computer! (He doesn't do evites, but he did Sweeney Todd? I did not know that. I'm also making jokes for the, like, three of you who know "Alias." But there should be more! It's a serious awesome show.) Assassins is just so awesome. And Hedwig! Sweet Hedwig. But for me, the gem of the gem of this collection is the complete original cast recording of Urinetown. Let's take a moment to sigh for Hunter Foster.



I saw Urinetown... well, back whenever it was that it was on Broadway. I did not see Hunter (whom I call by first name because I spent a year and a half working for his agent, so I've stapled his resume to his really old headshot a bajillion times, and so I take that privilege.), and the replacement was not so awesome, but the show was, and most of the original cast was still in. Well, it actually took me a while to warm to it - I wish I could've seen it a second time, because I don't think I quite got its genius in the theatre. And but so I did have the cast recording, and gave it some good solid listening time in college. (That's when I got my swooning in for Hunter Foster's voice, and general genius timing. "Yes, literally." I guess Little Shop was the first thing I saw him in? Which, fuck all you haters, I loved.)

Anyway, this is getting to be a stupid long post - hi, this is me not having really talked to another human being all day - but the point is that, after about five years, I'm reuninted with the Urinetown cast recording and, yes, it does feel so good. I'm reminded what a brilliant show it is, how much I love Hunter Foster, how much I wanted to be Spencer Kayden.

Oh my god, I now also have the demo from Gabe Kahane's Muhammed musical. SCORE.


Heather said...

I met Sarah Vowell once, and being scared of her awesome a little bit, couldn't think of anything to say, so I made a ridiculous comment about Assassins and how it was great...I haven't even read Assassination Vacation.

dementagirl said...

Gotta second with you on Little Shop, it was truly awesome sauce.