03 August 2009

Theatre Roundup!

Dear readers, I've gotten myself into quite a conundrum. I slacked off on writing (I was out of town! Okay, for four days, but still!) and now I've got a backlog. It's pretty disparate stuff - books, theatre, travels - and I don't really want to force it all together into one post. My writing demands much more elegance than that, no? Even if I put on elbow-lenth satin gloves and a nice set of pearls, I couldn't pull it off.

Am I writing like an especially cracked-out crazy person right now, or is it just me? And if it's just me, if I just think I'm writing like an especially cracked-out crazy person right now, even if I'm not, isn't that it's own sort of psycho.

But I digress. (Hi, Jaime, welcome back.) Here are some things I am going to tell you about soon - my trip to Chicago, the wonderful book I just read (which happens to be about Chicago), and some theatre stuff. Okay, so I'll make another post for all the Chicago business, book and actual travels, and write a little about theatre here. Let's call it a round-up! That'll make it seem intentional.

Theatre Roundup!

-Rattlestick announced their upcoming season, and just like 08-09, it is hot. Highlights: a new Craig Wright play, Craig Wright being a writer whose work I love and whom I am always excited to see something new from; and Annie Baker's play, The Aliens, which she developed a bit (or wrote, I guess) in a writers group here at work. It's a gorgeous play, full of silences and strange little songs. She wrote it for two of my favorite actors, Michael Chernus and Patch Darragh, and it's going to be wonderful. Annie's got the same exquisite longing and awkwardness that made "My So-Called Life" oh, just the best thing ever. This fall Annie's got another amazing play, Circle Mirror Transformation, happening at Playwrights' Horizons (with, oh, just the best cast ever), and then The Aliens comes in the spring. Good year for that Baker kid.

-Brian Stokes Mitchell may be the only person I can imagine who could play Sky Masterson and make it not totally ass boring. Playbill has the pictures from LA here.

-Wildflower, by Lila Rose Kaplan. Another in a continuing (hopefully) series of Me Blogging About Plays By My Dear Friends On Which I Have No Perspective Or Objectivity. So I will say this: Lila's writing is sharp and sweet and surprising (like a nice Riesling?... or cheddar?), and this lovely, funny play is getting a kickass production at Second Stage Uptown. Really brilliant cast, direction, and design. Reviews have been hugely divided, mostly around the ending. Which I think is a sure sign that it's interesting and trying something, and worth seeing. It plays for another week. Tickets and info here.

-Second Stage's website is .com rather than .org, which is probably not a choice they exactly made, but god is it annoying. Mainly because I never remember that.

-Other things that are coming up that are probably going to be AWESOME: Banana Bag & Bodice's show at the Ice Factory; Let Me Down Easy, Anna Deavere Smith's show at Second Stage; me learning how to spell Anna Deavere Smith's name; The Addams Family, about which I cannot overstate my excitement.

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