27 August 2009

This Thing, And This Other Thing, And How They Look The Same

I'm sure it's just an unfortunate confluence of timing and the venn diagram I sit at the center of*, but when I picked up my copy of Time Out, this week being the lovely Fall Preview, I looked at the cover and had a moment of Hey, wait a second.

Just yesterday, twitter brought my heart a beautiful little gift, when @RagtimeonBway09 posted a link that included this:

What, you ask, is that sexy thing that is visually engaging, aesthetically lovely, and gives a strong sense of tone and content, and energy? Why that would be the poster for the upcoming, hotly-anticipated (by-me-and-my-friend-Liisa-and-maybe-also-Moxie) revival of Ragtime. Except for the little red circle that says HOPE, I think it is hot. (I don't love the "Their Time. Our Time." tag line, but the poster hides it well.) Naturally this comes by way of SpotCo, the best theatre ad agency IN THE WORLD. (They were also behind the perfection that was the poster for the Broadway run of The Little Dog Laughed, gushed all over by me here.)

Okay and then this morning I pulled out my copy of Time Out, and this is what I saw:

Well if that doesn't look familiar! And okay, yes, they are by the same artist, and I guess this is just what he does. But did you notice what's on the upper-right corner of the Time Out cover?

How meta! I would be taking this moment to celebrate that Time Out, usual bastion of decent theatrical taste, is heralding the Ragtime revival - there are plenty of Ragtime haterz out there, and I'm compelled to do the good work - but the Fall Preview says good things about the Bye Bye Birdie revival, mainly that it's something exciting? or that people should see? So, like, David Cote's not dead to me or anything, but I can't really use this endorsement as ammunition in my pro-Ragtime, I-don't-just-love-it-for-sentimental-value crusade.

But mainly, that poster is really hot.



Life's short. Type fast. said...

just found your blog and really like it! and this is the first i'm seeing the ragtime poster. LOVE IT!

Rocco said...

I was just thinking the same thing this morning! However, I couldn't even tell you what was on the cover of last week's Time Out, and its still sitting on my coffee table, so I don't think this will be a problem.

What I love most about this poster is how absolutely different it is from the original production's. If it weren't for the title, you'd never know it was the same show.....who's original production was a huge financial loss a scant 10 years ago.

Jaime said...

Dude, wasn't last week's Time Out the giant picture of Lucy T. Slut from Avenue Q?

And welcome, LSTF!

Rocco said...

My coffee table tells me that, yes, it was.

Moxie said...

Thank you - I got my Time Out and first thought of Ragtime, then of you, Jaime! Weirdly, awesomely meta - I thought the article about Ragtime inside would mention the poster art, but nope.

Can. Not. Wait!