22 October 2009

A Night of Many Adventures

Tonight I saw the live taping of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me at Carnegie Hall. It was transcendent, and I now have a huge crush on Adam Felber. Go figure.

Tonight I am cleaning my apartment. I have a friend staying with me tomorrow night, and I was all, I'll clean before work on Friday, because new job starts at 1pm. But the thing is - and I realized the implications of this just this afternoon, because I am a dolt - new job only starts at 1pm four days a week. Fridays are full days. So we have a late-night apartment cleaning tonight. True procrastinatory style.

Tonight, just now, in cleaning my apartment, I noticed a dead roach hanging out next to the shoelaces of my winter boots by the front door. I don't know how long it's been there - I haven't worn those shoes since, you know, last winter - but isn't the whole point of cats that they eat shit like that? So that's really why I'm blogging - maybe if I don't deal with the dead roach, it will go away. (Last time I tried that, what I thought was a mouse on my kitchen ceiling turned out to - probably? - be a bat?)

But what I'm writing to tell you, really, is that tonight, before Carnegie Hall, before cleaning my apartment to the Yankees post-game on the radio, I dined at East Japanese Restaurant on 55th Street. Part of why I wanted to go was I'd just noticed they have natto rolls on the veggie sushi menu. Natto! Crazy fermented soybean breakfast of the Orient, stringy and slimy and bizarre and something I was naturally dying to try. I am, for a vegetarian with various food intolerances and whatever - fuck you, lactose - an adventurous eater. I was psyched.

I will say, and this is true, that the natto didn't make me puke. Not quite. But oh my god was it tough going there. Like, shuddering while trying to wash it down with water, slipping ginger in my mouth to cut the stringy, bitter, earthy, awful slimy taste. My dinner companion wasn't so bothered, and I'm not surprised - it wasn't a bad taste, exactly. It was just some combination of taste and texture that viscerally revolted my body. It felt personal.

But other than that and the cockroach, an awesome night. Adam Felber. Swoon.

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Moxie said...

Oh my lordie, so jealous.

I loved when Ashley Judd was on and admitted to being intensely nervous, saying she was ok addressing the UN and stuff like that, but "oh my god that's Carl Kasell!" Love.