27 October 2009

(since I can't title this post with the nonverbal gasp I let out on reading this news, let me just say:) Holy Crapballs

Time Out NY brings some awesome, awesome news:

[W]e hear that the true-named Ms. Marvel will be starring in Suzan-Lori Parks’s new play at the Public Theater this March. The new show is called The Book of Grace, and Marvel has the title role.
I would assume she's playing Grace and not the Book, but this is Suzan-Lori Parks, so all bets are off.

But you know what bets are on, if I may mangle that idom? The bets that this is going to be totally fucking awesome. (It's also being directed by James Macdonald, who directed Ms. Marvel and a bunch of other brilliant people in the amazing, gorgeous, practically perfect production of Top Girls at MTC.) I think the word fierce most definitely applies. More in the gorgeous-lionness-about-to-bite-your-fucking-head-off way than other, newer, more pop-culturey connotations.

If I had a tumblr, or weren't slightly afraid of tumblrs, I would start Fuck Yeah Suzan-Lori Parks.

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Heather said...

Get a Tumblr! Get a Tumblr! (That was chanting.)