07 November 2009

The Addams Family Musical, and Let Me Tell You Why

Courtesy of Isaac comes this picture of the Addams Family cast from Vanity Fair. Holy balls they look awesome.

Krysta Rodriguez can kill you with her eyes.

In case you are new to this obsession, I am drooling over this show *not* for Broadway superstars Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane. Oh no. And while I love Krysta Rodriguez (and damn does she look like her Wednesday Addams is gonna be amazing), the real draw here is the team behind the show - co-directors/designers Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch are two of the geniuses behind the British company Improbable, makers of the best theatre stuff in the world.

New York has been graced with their work before in the form of Shockheaded Peter*, The Wolves in the Walls, and my two favorites - Satyagraha at the Met Opera, and Spirit at New York Theatre Workshop, which is probably the most amazing piece of theatre I've ever seen in my life. These guys are masterful artists. They can create staggering magic with strips of newspaper or a torn piece of bread, making theatre that's playful and surprising and delightful and can punch you hard in the gut. I can't wait to see what they do with a Broadway musical. And yes, there will be puppets. This is going to be some really legit shit.



heather said...

When is this happening? Some time in the early fall of 2010? Please say yes.

Louise said...

I saw The Addams Family last year and loved it! Lane and Neuwirth were fantastic as well as Krysta Rodriguez. The story line and music were very entertaining and tickets weren't cheap, i got them from Ticketsinventory.com ...hopefully they do make it on Broadway again.
It’s one of my favourite shows; I would see it again in a heartbeat!