14 November 2009

A Few Quick Things

-I saw Pirate Radio last night, as I had movie plans with a 60s music-lover, and the cast looked pretty awesome. Oh, if only I had read these fateful words yesterday: "From the creator of Love Actually!" Blerg. It wasn't as bad as Love Actually, but it was a seriously troubled venture.

-I saw Ragtime FOUR DAYS AGO, and it is still stuck in my head.

-I saw Ragtime FOUR DAYS AGO, and I still haven't blogged about it. But I will. Spoiler alert: It's awesome!

-And, in big news: Boys, men, hopeful lesbians who misinterpret my footwear -- I am officially off the market. I think I have a great life ahead of me with the ginger cayenne tea from Tweefontein Herb Farms that I bought today at the farmers market. It's love, and it's real.

(What what, perfunctory NaBloPoMo post!)


Heather said...

"Those shoes are definitely bicurious."

Wade said...

hahaha, as long as nobody set themselves on fire in "the tunnel of Love, Indubitably" at Pirate Radio, it sounds like a mild success.

and where can i find this tea without driving somewhere silly like new york?