05 November 2009

I Get Sentimental About Vegetables

Speaking of food, volume 7 of Spezzatino is out today, and it features an essay I wrote called "Basil Love." I am terrible with coming up with titles for my essays. (Next up I've got 2500 words on supernatural uses for garlic. Like, vampires. And, hopefully, other things? We'll see, cause it's due in a week and a half. This magazine is much less silly than my essay topics might imply, btw - I think I'm becoming the resident silly essayist.) Anyway, my piece happens to be one of the few with a pdf available on the website, so head on over and have a look, and behold how legit a thing can be made to feel with beautiful fonts and photos: Spezzatino volume 7: Basil.

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anna said...

beautiful! congratulations!