08 November 2009

I'll Go Along With Whatever Jamie Oliver Says - He's Cute

Not that I read it over a big takeout container of somewhat unidentifiable but delicious Korean food or anything, but this is a great article about healthy food habits and home cooking in the face of America's incredibly sick food culture. I found the link via my old stomping-(writing)-grounds, Cheap Healthy Good, and it's an interesting read. A few paragraphs in I was expecting something about four times as long as this ended up being - this is an interesting, complicated issue, and I wish the article went into more depth.

The comments are great, though, and it's a really interesting question. The reason I didn't call the problem the obesity crisis above is that America's fatness is really just a symptom of an incredibly unhealthy relationship with food. Everyone should read The Omnivore's Dilemma, and probably The End of Overeating while we're at it, but I honestly think so much of it comes down to people being disconnected from what we're eating. We don't know what's in our food, where it came from, how it was prepared, or what it does to our bodies. Make whatever choices you want, but make them from a strong position of informedness. It goes way beyond calorie numbers on menu boards. And I think that knowing your own food in your kitchen is the place to start.

The Atlantic: How Families Teach Healthy Eating

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