23 November 2009

I'm Getting Really, Really Sick of NaBloPoMo

I mean, I should probably get back into the habit of writing this stuff during the day, at work, when I'm chained to a desk for five hours with a phone that rings maybe every 20 minutes. But gchat and refreshing twitter incessantly is just too exciting. So instead it's 11:41 and I already was asleep on the subway, and I just want to go back to bed. Waah.

So that, obviously, already can't you tell?, makes for awesome blogging. A post a day for a month.

I will just say that Saturday night I had dinner at Bar Tano in Park Slope, and it was awesome. The fig and goat cheese bruschetta - damn. So there's some actual content for you. Bar Tano. Yum.


Johnny said...

does park slope really now extend all the way to 3rd avenue? somewhere, a legion of rental brokers are celebrating.

isaac butler said...

I'm not really sure these posts fulfill the spirit of NaBloPoMo, even if they fulfill the letter.This is your fourth post like this in a row!

Jaime said...

John - I have no idea, I just know that I got out at the subway stop I associate with Park Slope. It's Brooklyn, I'll believe what anyone tells me.

and Isaac - on the one hand, I want to say, "Fulfilling the letter is all that matters! It's like smiling when you're upset, or dragging yourself to the gym - eventually you start to feel it. If I keep forcing myself to write, even when it's rough going and I'm half-asleep, eventually it'll become something I want to do." (On that one hand I'm also pissed at you for calling me out in my comments, jerkface.) But on the other hand, I completely agree. See the tag on this post: "This Post Sucks."