25 November 2009

Some Good Places to Get Food

In my new flush life as a part-time receptionist, I've been finding myself eating out a bit more. It's fun! And I think I've been very lucky, because although I'm still a little... abstemious about my goings out, and I've still got a decent little list of places I want to share with you. So!

Bar Tano - I texted Kate (and a couple other much less helpful friends) for suggestions for a place to eat near The Bell House, where I was seeing Throw Me the Statue and Bishop Allen last Saturday night. (Brooklyn!) Kate didn't know anywhere, but she was with two Park Slopers and their unanimous recommendation turned out to be fantastic.

Bar Tano has a chic Brooklyn feel - dim lighting, a bit of the Restoration Hardware about the decor - and it not only looks but tastes fancier than it costs. I got a spinach salad with dried figs, which was your usual spinach salad, but my fig and goat cheese bruschetta was out of this world amazing. My dinner companion got a penne something that he said was good - I think the quote was "This penne is really good." - but I can't vouch, because it had some sort of meaty thing in it.

Also, folks from both bands were at the restaurant. And still, the prices were super reasonable. Delicious. Perfect. (The concert was also great, and for all that the sound setup at The Bell House might be less than ideal, I love how the width of the room makes it so easy to be close to the stage. Because I am sixteen, and that matters to me.)

Milon - Continuing the Kate theme here, her birthday was Sunday (happy belated blog-wishing of birthday cheer, Kate!), and she, James, and I met up for dinner at Milon, on 1st Ave. I've walked past this... complex before, four Indian restaurants nestled into one barely double-decker storefront, exploding with colored and flashing lights. Sure enough, when you enter Milon (upstairs, on your left), the low ceiling is hung with colored fairy lights, chili pepper lights, and just about anything that sparkles, glitters, or glows. It's a cramped, seizure-inducing place, and isn't that also part of its charm. I think there was loud Indian music throughout, but I was fading in and out there for a bit.

But the food! The food is also delicious! And cheap! I got Kobi Alu Motor: potatoes, cauliflower, and peas with basmati rice in a curry saute with almonds, coconut, and raisins. It was perfect - not weirdly sweet, but with the coconut and raisin flavors working nicely with and against the curry and potato business. And it made for great leftovers (with some cottage cheese, because I am weird). We also had samosas, naan, soup - all sorts of deliciousness. And it worked out to, like, twelve bucks a person. I've heard that the upstairs right-hand place - Panna II - is even better, and I would be willing to test that out, but Milon left absolutely nothing wanting.

Canaan Sushi
- I just got carry-out from this place on my way home from work, and not only do they have an epic vegetarian roll selection, but I got home to find that my meal came with dessert! A little styrofoam container of sliced orange, just a lovely surprise. Thank you, Canaan Sushi.

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Heather said...

I am very pleased that you enjoy beig close to the stage, as that puts to rest my concerns about not being as close as possible to that band at that show we're going to at that place in ten months.