04 November 2009

Some Thoughts on Some Things Recently Eaten

Brussels sprouts - Are you still under the woeful misconception that these are a gross, old-people food? I've got a secret for you: Brussels sprouts are the tastiest vegetable on earth. Seriously. There's a recipe making the rounds - more a means for preparation than a recipe proper - that yields the most delicious, melty little miniature cabbages you could imagine. They're sweet and salty and a little bit bitter, and it's really heaven in your mouth. The recipe is 101 Cookbooks' Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts, but you can skip the cheese and just let the sprouts work their magic. (It also takes about three times longer than the recipe says. They're best good and dark.) They're really the most delicious things ever, and they're in season! Now! And you can freeze them raw, apparently, and enjoy this most delicious thing ever all through the winter.

Riceworks chips - A dollar a bag at Duane Reade, I've tried every flavor I've seen (except for "sea salt" which just sounds like bullshit), and holy crap are these good. The chips are more substantial than plain corn chips - not as crumbly - but they don't have that repellant glassy thing that rice crackers have. And the flavors! Ohmygod, they're so good, all of them. And cheap! And not terrible for you! They're my new sad drug store snack of choice.

Pomegranate seeds
- Is there any other fruit that scores as high on aesthetic loveliness, biological coolness (the fruit is a berry!), and delicious tastiness? Impossible. These badboys are 99 cents a piece right now at my local crappy supermarket. Sadly, since it's a crappy supermarket, there was only one decent specimen, but I took it home and although my pomegranate de-seeding skills were not up to Iron Chef levels (the whack-it-on-the-back-with-a-wooden-spoon method you may have seen televised doesn't actually work), dismantling the thing was a meditative process on par with cutting up a big head of cauliflower, except so much prettier! Jewels, the damn things. I feel so cheesy for saying the seeds look like jewels, but they do! And they are delicious, also, especially once you're over any hesitation of chomping the seeds whole. (The insides of the seeds, for some reason, taste like Passover to me.) Go buy one of these, get to know it intimately, and enjoy.

Buddha BBeeQ - I know, an actual restaurant! A rare thing in my life, it's true, to the point that in the middle of this meal I had to ask James, "Am I just not used to going to restaurants, or is this food really, really good?" And it was option B! (Glad my asceticism hasn't dulled my palate.) We ate here before hearing A.S. Byatt read at the 92nd Street Y, and I'm sad that I have no other reason to visit the far Upper East Side, because this place was fantastic. Very reasonably-priced and vegetarian-friendly, ostensibly Koren BBQ, but for the amount of tofu the place offered, I dunno. I had the Tofu and Vegetable BBeeQ Roll, a big sushi-style seaweed cone of rice, tofu, and vegetables with a sweet, light sauce. James ordered the Peanut Lime Beef and loved it - it even got my vegetarian mouth watering a bit. We also shared the Dumpling Salad, and I would've drank that mango soy dressing if I could. Like, if I'd been at home. Loved this place. If you find yourself for any reason around the East 90s, go.


iipants said...

Do we have some sort of vegetable-related synchronicity? I have been wanting NOTHING but brussel sprouts, cooked just like this recipe (minus the cheese). God, between this and ragtime, we may be musical theatre/vegetable soul mates.

heather said...

Oh hai, now I'm starving. Also, sea salt is a perfectly legitimate flavor for any kind of chip type product. Every chip needs a "plain" option for the boringfaces of the world. (...Boringfaces like me who love salt a little bit too much.)

anna said...

i made them this way for my house last night! and every chance i get. yeah, no cheese. and i just roast em in the oven. maybe i should try stovetop like this.

Allison said...

And for the omnivores, my recipe from dinner last night...

Cook bacon until it's nice and cripsy. Remove the bacon and toss cubes of butternut squash and halved brussel sprouts in the renderings. Add copious salt and pepper. Roast. Add chopped up bacon back in at the end.

Yeah yeah, the lots of bacon and salt make it less healthy, but man it's good on a cold night.