28 November 2009

Thanksgiving TV, Deferred

Thanksgiving is without a doubt my favorite holiday. The actual dinner, of course, the gathering of family and eating of delicious food - and yes, shut up, there is plenty for a vegetarian to eat, the turkey is like the least exciting part - but so much more than that. When my sister and I were little, my dad used to take us to the Thanksgiving Day Parade - my memories are as vivid of the Egg McMuffin breakfasts and rationed hot chocolate (for the sake of little kid bladders) as they are of the parade itself. I remember a lot of freezing morning, a little rain, and the last time, when I was about twelve and pretty much too old for it, leaving the dripping rain parade half way, to read a newspaper I found in a Starbucks until my dad and Marissa came and met me.

So yeah, I was that sort of kid.

But I still love the parade, and have spent the last few Thanksgiving mornings with the parade on the TV in my little bedroom at my mom's house, listening from the kitchen as I cook, standing in the doorway to watch the awful performances of Broadway shows. The TV-watching gets more serious when the dog show comes on after the parade - I could just straight-up watch that forever.

This year, though, plans got jacked and I would be meeting Marissa at Thanksgiving dinner at our cousin's house on the Upper East Side, before heading back with her to mom's for the weekend. Which meant I'd be at my own place Thursday morning.

And I don't have a working TV.

Crisis! Crisis! Crisis!

But, uh, yeah, I actually live in New York City. Where the parade is. And so that's where I was.

It's much less of a production when you're a grownup, and it's 50 degrees and sunny. Quite a fun thing.

But that still left the awful Broadway show performances and the entire dog show unwatched! Lucky for me, my sister's a champ and has DVR, and I'd be spending all day Friday at my mom's house, so that's what led to me watching (fast forwarding through) the parade yesterday afternoon, and watching the dog show now, on Saturday.

And thanks be to god, my beloved Brussels Griffon, which I first found through the dog show a few years ago, is in the rotation! I don't think one had made it to the televised competition for the last couple of years, and damn if I don't love those little Chewbacca dogs. I love the whole dog show, though. Where I made it through the three hours of parade in 30 minutes of fast forwarding and cringing (and loving Sutton Foster and Daniel Breaker, Shrek be damned), I wish I had time to watch the entire dog show. It's a seriously enjoyable program, and if you have a few hours to kill early next Thanksgiving afternoon, I recommend you give it a shot.

Except - see I'm watching it as I'm typing this - apparently they left the Brussels Griffon's judging moments to be skipped over during the commercial break. Assholes.

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Awesome Ringerud said...

Brussels Griffons look like little Chewbaccas (sometimes).