16 November 2009

Unnecessary Sass For a Good Cause

I would not normally be condoning the growth of a mustache on a perfectly nice face. Brooklyn is bad enough as it is. But I'm a sucker for a good cause, and for a friend under the misconception that this blog has any influence, so.

Nick, former tie fighter, is again participating in a ridiculous sartorial project, if facial hair counts as sartorial, but this time there are the added highs and lows of, respectively, it's-for-a-good-cause and it-means-he's-growing-a-mustache.

I should probably stop all this sass about mustaches, as Nick has sported one before. Multiple times. Of his own free will. And also Morgan Spurlock might be reading.

I'll let Nick, or a quote from his blog, do the explaining:

M4K has chapters all over the country to raise money for various children's group. Over the past few years in New York, M4K has been donating money to New York schools in need through DonorsChoose.org, a web site that allows you to pick what schools and projects your money will go towards. Theatre and literature played a huge role in my life, so most of the projects I'm raising money for are related to giving needy kids to have some of the opportunities that I had growing up.

Simply put: me + mustache = you being aware + your fat wallet + DonorsChoose.org = slightly less fat wallet + kids getting a chance

See how easy that is.

Here is my DonorsChoose.org page. Take a look at the projects. Pick a few, donate some money. You'll feel good about it later.
Also, I give him mad respect for this: "As a Mustaches for Kids grower, I can't pull cheap shots like growing a beard for a month and shaving it into a fancy lad ornate 'stache." That's really rough.

Support Nick in his month of awkward facial hair, and help out some kids. Donate here.


Jarrod said...

I support mustaches for kids. It's tough to convince kids to grow them, though.

Jaime said...

Folks, we have a winner.

Katie said...

From the folks at DonorsChoose.org: Thanks for your hard work in Growing - and supporting those who grow. Not sure which is harder. :) The kids appreciate it! -Katie, DC.org