03 November 2009

A Vague Reconstruction

Me: "[name of the place where I work now]"
Lady on the Phone: "Hi, I was wondering if you recycle prostheses?"
Me: "Well we don't, but--"
LotP: "Well do you know anyone who does?"
Me: "I do, let me just check my list..."
LotP: "In California? Or just New York?"
Me (flipping through binder): "I'm not sure where they are, let me just find..."
LotP: "You know, that's really sexist, not to take those."
[For the record, readers, we don't accept any in-kind medical donations.]
Me: "It's sexist? How? ... Wait, what kind of prostheses are you asking about?"
LotP: "something something breasts, something something reconstruction."
Me: "Ohhh. I thought you meant limb prostheses. ...Can you even recycle those sorts of prostheses?"
LotP: "Yes, you can."
Me: "...How?"
LotP: "something something."
Me (honestly just curious now): "So... have they been... used?"
LotP: "something something not implants, no, prostheses."
Me (seriously relieved, btw): "Ohhh. No, I'm sorry, I don't know anyone who would take those. I have someone for prosthetic limbs, but no, and that's really outside the realm of the work that we do..."
LotP: "What is the work that you do?"
Me: "Well, you can get all that info from our website."
LotP: "But I'm on the phone with you right now."
Me: "Okay, well our work--"
LotP: "But you don't really know, do you?"
Me: "No, I do know, and I can--"
LotP: "That's why you're telling me to go to the website, because you don't--"
Me: "Well, no, ma'am I--"
LotP: "something something four-year college."


But really the point is not that there are crazy people calling here, because just last week I got told to fuck off by a guy asking about a homeopathic all-purpose anti-pathogenic that combined sodium chloride and ascorbic acid - you know, salt and vitamin C - so that's not really a big deal, but that I'm really curious what the fuck she was saying about my education. You know, my ivy league fucking education.

Which now that you mention it, yes, my dad is thrilled that I'm using for work as a receptionist.

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