02 December 2009

New York: Do Something

First of all: What the FUCK, New York State Senate?? Seriously?!

Second of all: With one exception - Toby Ann Stavinsky - every State Senator in Queens voted against gay marriage.

Third of all: Do something. Some of these neighborhood/Senator corrolations may be a little off - Allison just walked by, and I was like, is your Senator George Onorato? And she said no, though she lives in Astoria - so check, but please, Queens, or anyone else, call and e-mail your Senator. Even if it's to say Thanks for standing up for civil rights. Please keep fighting.

But especially for these folks, because what the fuck?:

If you live in Astoria, Long Island City, Woodside, or Sunnyside in Queens, call and e-mail your Senator:

George Onorato
518 455-3486
718 545-9706

If you live in Jackson Heights, Corona, or East Elmhurst in Queens, and e-mail your Senator:

Hiram Monserrate
518 455-2529
718 205-3881

If you live in Middle Village, the west side of Forest Hill Gardens, Ridgewood, Woodhaven, or Ozone Park in Queens, call and e-mail your Senator:

Joseph Addabbo, Jr.
518 455-2322
718 738-1111

If you live in Kew Gardens, the east side of Forest Hills Gardens, Jamaica, Richmond Hill, or Laurelton in Queens, call and e-mail your Senator:

Shirley Huntley
518 455-3531
718 523-3069

If you live in Parkchester, Hunts Point, Castle Hill, or Melrose in the Bronx, call and e-mail your Senator:

Ruben Diaz, Sr.
518 455-2511
718 991-3161

If you live in Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Midwood, Mill Basin, or Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn, call and e-mail your Senator:

Carl Kruger
518 455-2460
718 743-8610

(stolen wholesale from Chris)

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