01 December 2009

On How It's Not My Fault, And Thanks For Nothing, Blogger - You Suck.

Okay, yes, I know, I did not NaBloPoMo, to turn that into a verb, yesterday. But I have a good reason! Not my fault, once my leaving things to the last second is discounted! I got home last night all ready to reluctantly blog some half-assed junk, and discovered that my (neighbor's) wireless was down. But, lucky for me, I now have an iPhone, right? I already knew that Blogger doesn't have an actual iPhone application, but no worry, I took the phone's little web browser to blogger.com, to work it that way. Put in some sort of title, and went to click in the body field of the editor and-- nothing. Tried again. Nope. Apparently you cannot in any way access Blogger from an iPhone.

And so because of that I forgot the very important, lucid, entertaining, thought-provoking thing I was going to write.

Thanks, Blogger, for ruining EVERYTHING.

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