03 December 2009

A Second Chance and, Like, a Fifth Chance or Something

You slackers are lucky. Normally, theatre is fleeting - it's not like a movie you can watch on DVD, a book you can reread, a record you can reset the needle on and play again on your turntable. Sure, you can go see a production again, but when a show closes, that's it. So if you missed a wonderful play like Circle Mirror Transformation or a hilarious, joyful pirate puppet rock musical like Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, and missed them again when they extended or, in the case of Jollyship, then played a couple of concerts, normally it'd be like, Tough shit, you lazy bum. Way to miss out on some really awesome stuff.

Except now both of these shows are coming back, so even though you're a complete failure of a human being, you have a chance to redeem yourself!

Berating you like this is the way to convince you that these shows will enrich your life and fill your heart, right?

Circle Mirror Transformation is coming back to Playwrights Horizons for another month or so of performances. I really can't reccommend this play highly enough - it's a compelling, hilarious, really moving little play with five brilliant performances. Seriously, do not miss it.

And Jollyship the Whiz-Bang. What can I say that I haven't already said? Is it the funniest piece of theatre I've ever seen in my life? Maybe. Does it fill my heart with rock music, awesome puppets, dirty pirate humor, and a surprising amount of heart? Absolutely. And it's back for ONE NIGHT ONLY, January 11, as part of the Under the Radar Festival. If you haven't seen Jollyship, GO. If you have seen it, you probably love it madly, and will be going again. Do not be scared off by the pirates, or the puppets, or the "musical." It's amazing.

Jollyship tickets are $15 (plus a couple bucks of service charge, alas), and are available here. Tickets for Circle Mirror Transformation can be gotten here - they're $50, which, if you aren't broke, is completely worth it, but I'll keep my ears open for discounts.


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